Positively Bridget: Past, Present, and Future

Blossoming flower in my yard from a few months ago. It was too pretty to not share. :)

Welcome to 2018! After much thought, I have decided to look back at where this blog came from, where it is now, and where I see it going in the future. It seems fitting for this to be my first post in the new year (even though we are 22 days into the new year...). 

Here goes!


Back in 2013, I was a stay at home mother to my two year old daughter. One day, I discovered Pinterest, sewing blogs, and Project Run and Play. I felt as though I found an online pot of gold with the endless tutorials, patterns, and inspiration. I was amazed at the vast community of creative women, and I wanted to become part of it. I dusted off my sewing machine, and sewed along with the next Project Run and Play challenge that came along. I started a small blog, and shared a few of my projects on it.

I was pregnant with my son at the time, and when he was born I stopped blogging. Having a toddler and a newborn can be a very busy and challenging time in life, and I chose to put all my focus on my children. Blogging was an infrequent hobby to me at the time anyway, so it naturally fell to the wayside.

However, I never stopped dreaming of new sewing projects, and following along with my favorite sewing bloggers and competitions.

Three years later, my children were older and more independent. I found myself with more free time and energy, and decided to start blogging again.

I chose to start fresh with a new name and new blog. I wanted to focus on the things that made me happy, and brought joy to my family and friends. No griping or complaining, just focusing on the good in my own life and helping others.

After about a week of mulling over different names, I finally came to "Positively Bridget."

I liked it.

It felt right.

I kept it.


My sewing room is my sanctuary, and I love spending time planning and making projects. I have amassed a large stash of fabric, and I am currently doing my best to whittle it down to a more manageable size. Fortunately it hasn't cost me much money, since I have bought most of my fabric with coupons, from store closing sales, or from the thrift store.

I also love to cook, and have improved my skills over the years. My children and husband enjoy eating the food I make, and cooking for them makes me happy. I have found many recipes that my family and I love, and have learned how to cook many different types of food using different techniques.

Now that my children are a little older, they have more homework and activities, and all of our lives are naturally busier. Sometimes it seems as though there isn't enough time to do everything I need and want to do. Because of this, I am always looking for more ways to be efficient. Efficiency=more time to sew!

Each day I do my best to stay positive. I believe life can be amazing if we choose to see the good.


This year I am planning to share more on my blog; more of my favorite recipes, more sewing, more crafting, and more uplifting content. I have a few goals that I'm working on for this year, and I'll write more about them as I progress.

I'd love to have you follow along! I'm now on Instagram too, and you can find me here.

Do you have any big goals or plans for this year?

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'd love to hear from you!

-Bridget :)


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