Overcoming Fear and Sewing for Myself

At the beginning of this year, I made a goal. After sewing clothing for my children for a few years, I decided it was finally my turn.

I made a goal to start sewing clothes for myself again. 

As a teenager I  used to sew my dresses, and that was the last time I had a successful project. During my first pregnancy I thought it would be fun to sew a new dress, but it ended awfully. It was a woven fabric empire waist dress with a full gathered skirt, and it billowed out on both the front and the back. The style and fabric was just wrong for my body at the time, and it made me look twice my size. I trashed it. 

This experience was very traumatic for me, and I didn't dare sew anything for myself again for several years. Sometimes I would get brave and buy a pattern that was on sale at the fabric store while looking for my children, but I never was brave enough to try again...until this year. 

I have Instagram to thank for my new-found bravery to begin sewing for myself. After setting up my account just last year, I started following several women who sew clothes for themselves. I have seen beautiful garments they have made, but I have also read about their failures and fit issues, and how they resolve them. This has been so helpful for me, and has encouraged me to believe that I can also sew for myself. 

The first pattern I used for myself this year was the Love Notions Laundry Day Tee. It is a very simple pattern, and exactly what I needed to boost my confidence. I have now made four of them, and they are all on regular rotation in my closet. Each shirt looks a little better than the last, and I now finally feel like they look they way I want them to. 

As I have posted pictures of my projects on Instagram, I have received suggestions from friends and family on how to do things differently to achieve better results. This has helped me so much, and my sewing has improved drastically. The online sewing community is so supportive and helpful, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. I love it. 

After making all those shirts, I finally was brave enough to try a dress. I found the Patterns for Pirates Boundless Dress, and it was on sale at the time. I chose to make the tea-length short sleeved version, with the low neckline in the front and the higher neckline in the back. I used this pretty navy blue gingham double brushed poly from Cali Fabrics, and I love how it turned out! 

The bodice is lined, which makes the neckline really pretty, and gives the top more coverage.

After lots of practice sewing with a double needle these past two months, I'm finally getting the hang of it! Since I don't have a cover-stitch machine, I use the stretch stitch on my regular machine.

Hems on knits don't scare me as much anymore, and I actually feel really proud of this one! Taking my time to cut the gingham straight really paid off, and the bottom hem looks nice and straight.


I just finished it yesterday morning before church, and was able to wear it to my meetings. It fits perfectly, and I feel comfortable and confident when I wear it. The best part of all is that I only used 1 1/2 of the 2 yards I bought, which means I have just enough to make a little dress for my daughter!

I love my new dress, and I'm so glad I finally found the courage to sew for myself again. 

Do you sew for yourself? Have you had any failures in sewing that have made it difficult to move on? 

If you have had an experience like me, please don't give up. There is a time and season for everything in life, and sometimes the time just isn't right. Do the best you can with what you have and where you are, and eventually everything will fall into place. 

💕Tough times don't last, tough people do. 💕
-Robert Schuller

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a lovely day! 
-Bridget :)


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