Laser Cats Shirt and Dress

A couple weeks ago, I saw that Girl Charlee had laser cat knit fabric in stock. 

I had to have it! 

I ordered two yards of it, along with some other fabrics I found on sale. Gotta make the flat-rate shipping count, right? Their trap worked on me, but I needed more apparel fabric anyway, haha. 

My kids both love cats, and I figured they would love cats with laser eyes even more. 

Lasers = Fun! 

I had taken advantage of a pattern sale at Patterns for Pirates recently, and bought both their Jolly Roger Raglan and Yo Ho Henley tops. I wanted a quick sew, so I chose the raglan top for this project. 

For my son's shirt, I just made the raglan normally. For my daughter's shirt, I hacked it and made it into a dress. 

It was a very straight-forward pattern, and it all came together so quickly. I had this shirt done in less than 1 1/2 hours (that time also included printing and taping the PDF pattern and tracing onto tissue paper). 

My little buddy always asks for a tag so he can tell the front from the back, so I stitched a small piece of knit fabric onto the back of the neckline.

He said he didn't want a band or cuffs, so I just finished the ends with my serger.

I absolutely love my serger. Sewing goes so much faster for me, and I love having beautifully finished seams inside of my projects.

My daughter was very skeptical of the laser cats at first, but after I assured her some had pink lasers, and I would attach a pink skirt, she was excited.

Fortunately, she already had some leggings from Walmart that coordinated nicely. It's too cold for her to wear a dress to school without leggings right now, so this worked perfectly.

Confession: this bow was not in my original design plan. I wasn't paying attention, and attached the neckband with the seam in the front and center. (face-palm moment) There was no way I was ripping out that seam, so I found a way to hide it.

Off-set bows are in style now anyway, right?


I thought it was a cute and clever (albeit lazy) fix.

My happy friends!

At least let's imagine they're happy...and fortunately you can't see the scowls on their faces...

I took this picture in the morning right before school. They were not happy to be awake or right next to each other, but they were happy to wear their new clothes.

Happy Friday! I'm always glad when the weekend is here. We are hoping to have a relaxing time spent together as a family, and hopefully I'll find some time to squeeze in another sewing project.

Do you have any fun sewing or crafting plans for this weekend? 

Good luck staying healthy, and watch out for the flu! It seems like it is everywhere right now. Both my kids and I have already had it, so I'm hoping we can stay healthy the rest of the winter. 

Thanks for stopping by!

-Bridget :)


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