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Uncle Rico's Story

If you haven't heard, Project Run and Play is in the middle of their 15th season! As usual, I was excited to sew along. 
As soon as I read what the weekly themes were going to be, I started planning. My plans were grand, and involved several different pieces for each week's theme. 
Then, life happened. 
My schedule was more full than usual, and I had more things to do than I had time for. I was able to get the pair of pants sewn for my son, thanks to a sewing session with one of my favorite sewing friends, but the rest of the outfit remained incomplete when the first week's link up closed. 
I decided to consider this a "sewing detour" instead of a failure, and repurpose the outfit to make it fit the next week's theme, "Crafting a Story."
I had used the Moto Maxx pattern from Love Notions, which I bought during a pattern sale a few weeks ago, for both the shirt and the pants. My new plan was to use the same pattern and fabrics to create a look based…

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