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Mother and Baby Stuffed Elephants

Remember the sweet little baby dress I made a while back? After I made it, I was feeling very ambitious. I thought it would be fun to also make a coordinating stuffed animal to go with it, and I found the adorable Endearing Elephants free pattern made by Sweetbriar Sisters for Camelot Fabrics
I love how easy the pattern was to print and assemble, and the end product was adorable.

It was a very quick project to sew, and I think the step that took me the longest was embroidering the eyes on each elephant. 

The tutorial said to sew a contrasting fabric on the outside part of each ear, but I decided to put the contrasting fabric on the inside instead. I think it makes it a fun surprise to find that the mom and baby have coordinating ears. 

I already had all the supplies I needed in my fabric/yarn stash, so I didn't need to make a special trip to the fabric store. 

Everything matched up perfectly, and was easy to sew together. I made sure to sew back and forth over the tail a few ti…

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