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Introducing Sofiona Designs, and My First Pattern Test!

I recently took a plunge by applying to be a pattern tester for Sofiona Designs, and I was elated when they accepted me! I'm so glad I applied, because they have been amazing to work with. 
Sherri and Trish are best friends living in beautiful northern Canada. Together they have built this new pattern company that focuses on patterns for girls sizes 2-14. They are fun, kind, generous (they are donating 10% of all their pattern sales to a non-profit called A21 that focuses on freeing people trapped in modern-day slavery), and have put so much time and effort into all their work. The designs I have seen are fun and stylish, with unique details and options that both little girls and pre-teens love. If you want to see their other patterns, check out the Sofiona Designs Fan Group on Facebook to be the first to know when they open, and get in on the giveaways!
They're having some amazing giveaways to celebrate their company launch, and all their patterns will also be on sale for 30%…

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