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Cozy Winter Buffalo Check Shirt

Hello again! 
The theme for the second week of Project Run and Play is Buffalo Check Fabric, and my lack of buffalo check fabric in my stash sent me to the fabric store. I haven't needed to visit Joann's for quite a while, so it was a trip I was looking forward to! 
Fortunately for me, I found a soft buffalo check flannel in the remnant bin, along with a few other fabrics that I "needed." Haha, that's why I try to stay away. 

It was a rather small remnant, so I looked through the fabric I already had for something that would complement it well. I found this black and white knit that I used for another outfit for my daughter back in January 2016. 
I didn't do much planning this time, and instead just went with the flow of inspiration and adjusted my plans as I went along. 
I decided to use the shirt pattern I used for the Jigglypuff shirt, since it still fits my daughter well and I wouldn't need to adjust the sizing. It is Kwiksew K3861, and it is a fairl…

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