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Thrifted Desk Makeover

Funny story: this post has sat in my drafts for over two years embarrassing. What is good though, is that this little desk is still being loved well and used hard. 
I found this cute little desk a few years ago while I was checking out our Habitat for Humanity thrift store. It was positioned between two larger pieces of furniture, and I almost walked right past it. Fortunately, it caught my eye, and I knew it would be perfect for my daughter who was in kindergarten at the time. 
I somehow miraculously squeezed it into the backseat of my four-door car upside down, and drove it home. 

It had several deep scratches on the top, but the sander took care of it. 

It may be a small desk, but it sure took a lot of time to sand it all down and prepare it for the paint. My arms were reverberating for several minutes after finally finishing.

The bright white paint really gave it a new lease on life! I don't remember which shade of white I used, but it was specifically for furniture…

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