Hello, 2020!

Hello, 2020!

We finally meet.

2019 sure was a wild ride.

I cooked several fun new recipes, but mostly stayed with my tried-and-true favorites.

My sewing skills improved, and I made lots of fun things for both myself and my children.

A long-held dream of mine finally came true, and I designed a sewing pattern! I'm so grateful to Sherri and Trish from Sofiona Designs for taking a chance on me, and the best part is that all the proceeds go to a great cause. It is called the Balsam Bag, and you can read the story behind it here. 

Overall, 2019 was a difficult year that was also filled with wonderful opportunities and learning experiences, and I'm looking forward to whatever 2020 has in store!

Thanks for following along with me, and I wish you the best in this brand-new year!

-Bridget 💖


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