Finally Finished Quilt

Do you ever have projects that remain unfinished for an extended period of time? I certainly do, and this quilt was one of them. 

It all began once upon a time, several months ago. I wanted to make a nautical quilt for my son that would fit on his new toddler bed. 

Unfortunately, I overestimated my sewing speed. 

I had rough plan in my head, but not on paper. Then one night after the children were in bed, I excitedly started working. I measured and cut fabric like a maniac. Next I pieced the panels together and started sewing at top speed. Panel after panel came together, and the quilt was unfolding before my eyes.

I felt like I was on top of the world! With chocolate chips and a Cherry Coke keeping me energized, I thought I would never run out of steam. 

Then 2 o'clock in the morning arrived. My eyes became blurry and my stitching became wobbly. I was exhausted, and knew it was time to stop (sewing while drowsy is no joke, as it can end in a needle through the fingers). I folded up the partially finished quilt, laid it on the floor beside my sewing table, and turned off the machine. 

Fast forward several months: the quilt is in the same place I left it, and hasn't been touched. I wanted to work on it many times, but could never muster enough motivation to pick it up and finish it. 

Then, one day, I was tired of seeing it and feeling guilty each time I walked by. 

I became angry and vowed to finish it that night! After the children were asleep in their beds, I went to work. I must have been more tired than I realized, because some of my seams were not my best. This did not deter me, and I made adjustments where needed. 

I finally finished the quilt, and felt so proud. Yes, this quilt has many imperfections, but it is a finished quilt, and that is what matters to me. 

It no longer sits on the floor of my sewing room in project limbo. 

It has a purpose and is useful. 

It keeps my son warm at night. 

My little buddy loves his new quilt, and always has a smile on his face when he snuggles into it.

I am so happy I finally finished this quilt, and even though it has imperfections I am pleased with how it turned out. 

What about you? Do you have any partially-finished projects that keep haunting you?


  1. your quilt turned out great! I have a quilt I started for myself that has been sitting for six years. the blocks are sewn but I haven't put the whole thing together... I should just get on it! :)


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