Girly Sunday Bag

When I was a little girl, I loved digging through the fabric in my mom's sewing room and imagining projects to sew. Mostly, I would fashion new clothes for my Barbie dolls out of old socks and fabric scraps, and hand-stitch random pieces together.

As my skills improved, I started making bigger plans and drafting designs for small projects, which were mostly purses and handbags. My first project I was reasonably pleased with was a small bag. I made it from scrap fabric, an old belt, and a zipper from my mom's sewing box. Ever since then, I have loved making handbags.

For a while now, I have been wanting to make a Sunday bag for each of my children. It is a great place for them to store their quiet activities, a water bottle, and a small snack to help them stay quiet during Sacrament meeting.

After thinking about it for a few weeks, I finally sat down and got to work.

I chose some fabric from my stash, took out my cardboard measuring board, thought of the dimensions I wanted the bags to be, and cut out the pieces.

(The green checked fabric pictured below is going to be for my son's bag, which I will share when it is finished. My sewing room is currently out-of-order for a much-needed painting job.)

I chose the pretty gloves and pearls fabric for the outside of my daughter's bag...

...and this sweet pink gingham for the inside.

I wanted a pocket on the front, so I made one out of the liner fabric.

These are my thread-cutting scissors that I keep by my machine. Aren't they cute? I think they look like a little bird. My parents found these one day when they were shopping at the Grizzly power tools store for a certain tool for my dad's woodworking shop. I think it's funny they found something so cute and tiny at a store that is the opposite of that. Fortunately they thought of me when they saw them (and then purchased them), and now they live next to my sewing machine.

I thought a little heart would be perfect in the middle of the pocket, so I cut one out of the outer fabric with my pinking shears. After I placed it on the bag, I didn't think it looked quite right. 

So I tried again with a different fabric.
I found this light gray corduroy fabric in my stash, and thought it would look nice.  

It looked much better than the first attempt, so I sewed it down to the pocket.

After I sewed the pocket onto the front piece of fabric, I sewed all the sides and bottom together for both the lining and the outside. Then I constructed the straps. 

I put all of them together inside out, and pinned in the straps to prepare it for sewing. 

After sewing it together, then turning it the right way and topstitching on top of the upper seam, it was done. 

There it is! One girly Sunday bag. 

My daughter is very happy with it, and loves taking it to church. 

Now I just need to finish my son's bag. I know he is going to love his, too!



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