German Pancakes

Last weekend, I made German pancakes for breakfast. My hubby, my kids, and I were having a lazy morning together, and it was the perfect time to make a fun breakfast. 

My hubby first introduced me to German pancakes several years ago when we were still newlyweds. I had never seen or eaten one before, and was amazed by how fluffy, buttery, and delicious they were. 

After much experimentation, he perfected his German pancake recipe and technique. That is what I now use every time I make them for our little family. 

The recipe was modified from Allrecipes and the original is called German Pancakes II. These are the changes I make:
  1. Only use 4 eggs instead of 6 like the recipe says (6 makes it too eggy, and it becomes a consistency that can only be described as "woggly")
  2. Let the eggs and milk get to room temperature before mixing in to ensure maximum fluffiness
  3. Bake in a preheated cast iron skillet (everything tastes better in cast iron anyway, and it delightfully crisps and caramelizes the bottom of the pancake)
Other than that, I follow the recipe and instructions as written, and every time I get a beautiful, bubbly pancake.

It is buttery, light, and crisp...

...and beautiful to look at right when it finishes baking.

After it comes out of the oven it sinks down a little and is not quite as beautiful, but it is amazingly delicious. 

In our home it is best enjoyed with maple syrup, whipped cream, and a little powdered sugar.

One of these is enough to feed my young family of four. However, our two kids are still small, and I have noticed they are eating more of the pancake. I think next time I will need to make two. 

If this sounds like a breakfast you would enjoy, give it a try! It is one of my favorites, and the children never complain when a slice of this is on their plate. :)



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