Thrift Store Painting Project

A few weeks ago, I decided to stop by one of my favorite thrift stores to take a look around. As I was browsing through the stacks of large framed pictures, this beautiful painting caught my eye. The frame was a little dingy and dated, but I loved the piece of art inside. 

As an added bonus, the price tag said it was only $12. I quickly decided to buy it before anyone else found this diamond in the rough.

I especially love all the colors and texture. It is a beautiful work of art, and looks like the artist spent a great amount of time and effort on its creation.

The yellow of the frame was not a good match for the rest of my home decor, so I decided to freshen it up with a new coat of paint. I already had some white craft paint in my crafting supplies, so I used it to paint the outside of the frame first. 

There was still too much yellow in it, so I decided to paint the full frame white. 

I used several sheets of copy paper to keep any rogue brushing from accidentally adding my paint to the existing painting. 

I gave the full frame two coats of paint, and I was pleased with how it looked. 

And now it has a new-found home on my living room wall.

The painting now looks fresh and new, and the added paint helps brighten the entire artwork by accenting the white on the flowers and vase. 

I love the beauty it adds to my living space, and I especially love bargains. It is a lovely painting, and it only took maybe $1 in supplies and a little time to help it match my decor and look "at home" on the wall. 

Have you found any great bargains at thrift stores lately? What are your favorite items to look for?

-Bridget :)


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