Cute and Simple Note Cards

One of my favorite ways to say "thank you" is with a hand written note, and when I make the card myself, it adds a nice personal touch.

To make these cards, the supplies I used were:
  • scrapbook paper 
  • paper cutter
  • craft twine
  • scissors

For the scrapbook paper, I used some I found in my craft closet. I bought this "Dear Jane" scrapbook paper from JoAnn a few Christmases ago while it was on sale, and I have been able to use it many times for various tags, cards, and projects.

To start making my cards, I used two sheets of this burlap and rose paper inside the stack, and then I used my paper cutter to slice it into six pieces.

Next, I folded the papers in half. 

Then I wrote my notes inside of each card, and I tied each with a piece of craft twine. 

There are my simple and cute note cards. They are easy to make, and perfect for any occasion. 

-Bridget :)


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