Hickory Smoked Ribs

Anytime is a good time for smoked meat, but Super Bowl Sunday is an especially good occasion to take the time and effort to make it happen. This year, I decided to smoke some ribs.

For these ribs, I bought two racks of baby back ribs on Saturday so I would be ready to cook early the next morning. Sunday morning before church began, I cut each rack into three portions, coated them in a thin layer of yellow mustard, then covered them in my favorite BBQ rub. I have used this rub for both chicken and pork, and it has made the meat delicious every time. I just don't add as much salt and black pepper as the recipe calls for, since I think it is a little too salty if followed exactly as the recipe says, and all the black pepper makes it a little too spicy for my children.

After the ribs were properly prepared, I used a recipe from Charbroil for how to smoke them. I read through the reviews on their website and saw that several people had problems with the ribs being overcooked once they finished the cooking cycle, but they turned out perfectly for me. 

The meat was nice and tender... 

...juicy and flavorful...

...with a perfectly caramelized exterior.

I was very happy with the recipe, and will be using it again next time I make ribs. If you are looking for a good recipe, you should give this one a try! I was very pleased with the results, and highly recommend it.

-Bridget :)


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