Valentine's Day Scarves

A couple weeks ago, my daughter asked me to make something special for her teacher's Valentine's Day gift. After a brainstorming session, she decided on a tote bag, I said "okay," and we chose some nice fabric from my supply.  

I wanted to make something special for my son's teacher too, so I decided to crochet her a warm, chunky scarf. She loves to be warm and loves scarves, so it was a perfect gift. 

When it was time to buy the yarn, I had a little shopping buddy along for the ride: my daughter. As soon as she saw the beautiful stormy blue yarn I chose, she decided to change her mind about the bag for her teacher's gift. She wanted a scarf instead. Fortunately I had not cut out the pieces yet, so I agreed. She chose a gorgeous green yarn (her teacher's favorite color).

On each scarf, I crocheted a simple stitch for the body, then added a scalloped border. I made both scarves the same way, and I love how they turned out. 

I finished the green one the morning before Valentine's day, and the blue one in the wee hours of the morning on Valentine's Day. Fortunately for me, the sun was shining bright in the sky when I photographed the green scarf, and it gave me lots of nice light to work with.

I did not have any natural light to work with when I finished the blue scarf. It was long after the sun had gone down, but also a long time before the sun was going to rise again. 

Even though the lighting was not the best for pictures around 1:00 am, I love how beautifully the scarves turned out. 

I decided the best way to wrap each scarf was to do it simply. All I did was neatly fold each one, and tie it off with a ribbon and small heart tag (cut from my scrapbook paper with a heart paper punch).

I am glad I chose such a thick yarn for this project. Each scarf took much less time to make than I thought it would, and it was so rewarding to have the beautiful projects completed quickly. 

The morning of Valentine's Day, my son and my daughter were so excited to present their handmade gifts to their teachers. 

I love seeing their happy faces when they give thoughtful gifts to others. They have such kind, giving hearts, and it gives me so much joy to see them thinking of others and experiencing joy in giving.



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